Spot gas prices hit $20/GJ on Tuesday 6th July

A short article this afternoon with this single snapshot from ez2view in the 14:50 dispatch interval to highlight how gas prices have shot through the roof as the result of a number of separate factors:



Others are more familiar with the gas market than I.  For instance, Josh Stabler on LinkedIn today highlighted four different contributing factors:

Factor 1 = colder weather (hence higher consumption for gas-fired heating in the south);

Factor 2 = partial outages at Longford

Factor 3 = reallocation of Queensland gas into local gas generation (in part because of the ongoing aftermath of the Callide C4 Catastrophe);  and

Factor 4 = rapidly declining gas in Iona gas storage.


As shown above gas prices this afternoon at the time of the snapshot were $20/GJ (Josh noted the Sydney hub of the STTM hit $27.56/GJ earlier).

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