Hornsdale Power Reserve continues to reach new milestones with a discharge rate of 100 MW today

The Hornsdale Power Reserve continues to be put through its paces achieving a discharge rate of 100MW at 11:20 – 11:25 NEM time today. Today also saw the longest period of continuous charging between 02:55 – 05:50 NEM time.

The extent of the battery activity this week can be seen in this trend from NEMreview v7.

For those (with the appropriate licence) you can view an updated trend of the above here:
1)  In NEMreview v7 , simply click here and your browser will launch with an updated view of the chart above.  You can start from there and configure however you like.
2) For ez2view users, it’s a different link so click here and your browser will similarly launch – with the widget being launched having differences of updating in real time, and including predispatch pricing.

A real time view of the battery was captured on the NEM-Watch widget, sponsored by RenewEconomy:

The latest version of the NEM-Watch widget is available on the on the NEMwatch portal and on RenewEconomy. Feedback on the widget is always appreciated (thanks to those who have taken the time to contact us).

3 Comments on "Hornsdale Power Reserve continues to reach new milestones with a discharge rate of 100 MW today"

  1. Not sure you can deduce the duration of the discharge from the 5-minute NEM data. Is it defined what the MW figures are exactly, average over the 5-minute period, or peak, or something else?

  2. Can you explain how 7 MW of battery power can stabilize a 2000 mw coal facility 600 miles away?

    • Hi John,

      Are you referring to the discussion around the response of the Hornsdale battery to the unit trip at Loy Yang A?

      The battery is contracted to provide Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) to the NEM. When the Loy YangA unit tripped the battery responded to help maintain system frequency until other FCAS providers could also respond.

      Am I on the right track? Can you provide more context to your question?


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