Queensland warms, but demand is yet to awaken

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As what remains of last week’s heatwave down south arrives in Queensland today (with temperatures of between 35 and 40 degrees forecast for around the south-east over the next couple of days), we see that not much is forecast to happen, really, in terms of demand in the state.

As shown in this snapshot from NEM-Watch, the forecast NEM-wide demand will be lucky to even reach the 27,000MW mark because of cooler conditions, plus a contribution from non-scheduled generation netting off scheduled demand:

Queensland warms up, but demand remains sleepy

In this snapshot from 12:55 NEM time, we see the first (minor) price blip today.

We can see some minor price activity currently forecast for this afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon, in Queensland.  It’s only minor, as current forecasts from the AEMO indicate that Queensland won’t even reach the level of demand achieved on Saturday 4th January, when temperatures (and prices) were significantly higher.

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  1. Hi
    I’m enjoying your analyses – thank you. Given that Qld has more than double the PV capacity of SA, and around the same rate of penetration, I’d be keen to see your view some time as to the impact that PV has on summer demand in Qld, especially at critical peak times. You may or may not have seen this – http://reneweconomy.com.au/2014/solar-saved-southern-states-from-new-and-costly-demand-peaks-92609

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