Areas of deeper analysis

Posting commentary on WattClarity meets certain customer needs – but there are occasions where deeper analysis is warranted (and requested by our customers). Where we publish more comprehensive reports, they will be listed here.

Retail Electricity Prices

Historically most of our posts have been based on observations about the wholesale market.  More recently we have also begun to have a look at retail prices, more directly. Here’s some articles on the topic.

Autumn 2013 in the NEM

After an eventful summer 2012-13 in the NEM, where we saw a heatwave early in the season lead into flooding rains (again) – and a new “Best Demand Forecaster” crowned, we progressed into what would normally be the less eventful…

Millmerran station trip drives prices sky high

At 23:05 on Saturday 9th March AEMO advised that the Millmerran power station units 1 and 2 tripped simultaneously at 22:07 (58 minutes prior) – for reasons still unknown.

Here’s how we saw it unfold at real time.