Who was the Winner? (for Summer 2005-06)

  1. The Winner
  2. The winner was Trevor Persal (from Ergon Energy).

    We believe that Trevor is enjoying the BBQ we provided as a prize for the competition in that year.

  3. Analysis of Entries
  4. The following chart was prepared, at the time, to provide some indication of the wide variation in submissions we received about what the NEM-Wide demand would be:

    Spread of estimates for the Summer 2005-2006 Peak Demand in the NEM

    As can be seen in the chart above:

    • The estimates ranged from below 30,000MW to above 35,000MW (a spread of nearly 6,000MW, or 20%).
    • Most entries tended to over-estimate what the actual peak demand happened to be for that summer (30,994MW on 23rd January 2006)

  5. Analysis of Demand
  6. The following chart was prepared in March 2006 to summarise the daily maximum, NEM-wide demand over each of the days of summer 2005-06:

    Daily Maximum NEM Demand for Summer 2005-2006

    For further details about what happened in the NEM over summer 2005-06, please see our listing of articles at WattClarity®.

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