‘Keeping the lights on’ Services

In the Generator Report Card 2018, we coined the term ‘Keeping the Lights on’ Services (Supply Service #2) to differentiate these services (which, at times, seemed neglected or overlooked) from the growth of what we termed as ‘Anytime/Anywhere Energy’ (Supply Service #1)  in what we saw as an emerging schism between the two points of focus that were becoming increasingly polarised at the time we wrote  the GRC2018.

This emerging ‘schism’ was explored in Theme 5 within Part 2 of the 180-page Analytical Component within the GRC2018:


The GRC2018 was released on 31st May 2019, at which point the comments about this schism was picked up in some of the commentary in general media and on social media.

Since that time, this has also been discussed in a number of articles in WattClarity, including those tagged with ‘Service 2 (keeping the lights on services)’.   In particular, it was noted:

On 9th March 2020 it considered as part of ‘We’ve been killing New Entrants with kindness?’.

On 11th October 2020 it was a focus of discussions about ‘Some are waking up to the shortcomings of current methods of support for ‘Anytime/Anywhere Energy’.