Seasonal Record of Events in the Market

Collections of events that we see happening in the NEM, categorised in terms of the seasons in which they occur.

Yes, the demand did peek above 30,000MW

Looking further (after making the first post today) I see that the demand did rise above 30,000MW across the Australian National Electricity Market today – still a very low level for the highest demand so far this summer…

How has demand trended, so far this summer

A quick look at how NEM-wide demand has trended so far this summer (to define the starting point for our competition entrants).

This brief look raises questions about the demand seen in December 2011, so we compare against previous years.

Hot day in QLD drives regional demand close to the record

The temperature reached 34 degrees in Brisbane today – with thunderstorms predicted to sweep through the south-east corner, bringing with them a cool change and localised disruptions to power supplies. In the following snapshot from NEM-Watch (at 14:05) we see…

North Queensland Powers down with TC Yasi underway

As the Courier Mail tweets that 89,000 people in Townsville and Cairns are without power as TC Yasi approaches, I thought the following chart (taken from our ez2view application) might explain a bit of what that means: Like everyone else,…