Focused stats for units participating in FCAS in the GSD2023

Back when our two organisations (Global-Roam Pty Ltd, and Greenview Strategic Consulting) started collaborating on the Generator Report Card 2018 (GRC2018) the amount of attention given to the 8 x FCAS markets that existed at the time was fairly minimal for all but a select few individuals and organisations.

1)  That’s part of the reason why Jonathon Dyson (CEO of Greenview) wrote ‘Let’s talk about FCAS!’ on 23rd March 2017.

2)  Attention and interest started picking up with the arrival of Hornsdale Power Reserve started operations in late 2017 – but that growth was slow, prompting the follow-on article ‘Let’s keep talking about FCAS’ on 6th March 2018.

From that time, and the growth in awareness and interest (and understanding) has has continued to grow – though perhaps not each at the same pace.

Fast forward ~5 years and the two organisations have been pleased to invest additional resources (from the GSD2023 onwards) in the addition of a focused report on participation in all 10 x FCAS markets that now exist (following the commencement of FFR Raise and FFR Lower in October 2023).

1)   This is one of the additions that necessitated increasing from 2 volumes (with the GSD2022 and beforehand) to 3 volumes …

2)  With the new Volume 1 including this addition, plus a statistical review of Semi-Scheduled units, plus other things)

On this page we provide an overview of what’s newly added (from the GSD2023 onwards) with respect to FCAS Market Participation.


(A)  A refresher about FCAS Markets, how they work, and what they are for

In addition to the two articles linked above, the WattClarity Glossary section contains this page focused on explaining the FCAS markets – which will look to continue updating over time.


(B)  Statistics provided about FCAS in this focused report

Across ~200 pages, a 1 page graphical summary (stretching back 10 years) is provided for each unit that participated in at least one FCAS market through calendar 2023.

With reference to this particular new addition, Linton Corbet wrote ‘GSD 2023 Uncovers Features in FCAS Enablement and Bidding’ on Monday 12th February 2024 to highlight some of what’s possible.