Parties involved in the GSD2019

In developing the earlier GRC2018 we were pleased to be able to collaborate with a broad number of organisations and individuals.


It has been a similar story with this GSD2019:

(A)  Authors of the GSD2019

Once again, there were two organisations who were the instigators (and authors) of this Generator Statistical Digest 2019.

Collaborator #1 = us at Global-Roam Pty Ltd, providers of this WattClarity® industry commentary site as one product (in a suite of software-based products) to help make complexity understandable; along with

Collaborator #2 = Greenview Strategic Consulting Pty Ltd, including occasional guest authors here Jonathon Dyson, Simon Vanderzalm and Nick Bartels.

Both parties already have extensive backlogs of “things to do” that have been already requested by clients – hence our involvedment in the GSD2019 did end up with some delays in other things we could be working on.

We thank our clients for their understanding in this respect (and appreciate that the insights delivered through the GSD2019 – including internal to both organisations – do help to compensate).

Thanks to those who helped us come to this decision!

(B)  Other assistance with respect to the GSD2019

There were a broad number of contributors who helped to make the GRC2018 the success that it has been.  The value delivered there has carried over to the GSD2019, so we thank them for this.

In particular, we would like to highlight the following people:

Allan O’Neil Allan O’Neil is one of our more frequent guest authors here on WattClarity and independent Market Analyst and Consultant.  He’s delivered great value over a number of years in different ways.

We were pleased that Allan had time to assist us with the GSD2019 in various ways.  Thanks also for the proof-reading at various stages, Allan!

Additionally, Allan provided some initial insights from the GSD2019 in an article titled ‘How good is Solar Farming?’  on 28th January 2020.

… if only ScoMo had been asking the same question…

ITK Services We also appreciated the input provided by ITK Services with respect to the GSD2019:

1) Founder of ITK Services, David Leitch was one of the people who helped us with the GRC2018 – and this value extended into the GSD2019:

With the GSD2019, David was able to contribute his first article to WattClarity ‘Selected initial observations from the Generator Statistical Digest 2019’ on 28th January 2020.

2) Analyst with ITK Services, Ben Willacy also helped us:

With the GSD2019, Ben was also able to contribute the article ‘What lies ahead for the NEM in 2020? Some lessons from 2019’ on 28th January 2020.

We look forward to continuing to work with ITK Services into the future