Parties involved in the development of the Generator Report Card

As noted here, the Generator Report Card provides two main components of value across 5 parts and 530 pages:

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This project is being brought to you principally by two partner organisations – we reference these people in the Report Card as Authors:

Global-Roam Pty Ltd We’re a software company that has been focused on making complexity understandable in the energy sector since 2000 – primarily in Australia, and with particular focus on the National Electricity Market.

We’ve done this primarily through a range of licensed software products, but also through a range of other ways  – such as:

  • with WattClarity® (our freely accessible commentary site); and
  • a growing number of bite-sized web widgets; and
  • now with the Generator Report Card as part of a WattClarity Deeper Insights service.
Greenview Strategic Consulting Greenview Strategic Consulting was formed to provide specialist market advice to energy, government and community organisations in the complex domain of energy and critical infrastructure.

Utilising GVSC’s core values, Dedication, Integrity and Creativity, they pride themselves on tackling every project with a solution-focused approach, providing practical advice and value added implementations to meet their client’s requirements through the use of:

  • Contemporary knowledge of NEM participant operations
  • Specialist NEM knowledge in generation, transmission and market dynamics
  • Effective communication; able to explain complex power system dynamics at all levels of understanding
  • Information and Data Management specialists to assist clients to develop critical insights, especially around critical infrastructure resilience

In addition, we are also utilizing the services of other experts in the field. Where we reference these people in the Report Card, we reference them as Analysts.

Allan O’Neil Allan O’Neil is one of our more frequent guest authors here on WattClarity and independent Market Analyst and Consultant was engaged to independently produce a number of Key Insights about the generation sector.

These Key Insights have been used as inputs in our broader analytical process for the compilation of the Generator Report Card.

Thanks also for the proof-reading, Allan!

Andrew George and James Groombridge Andrew George has previously provided an article as guest author on WattClarity.

Together with James Groombridge, the team was engaged to independently produce a number of Key Insights about the generation sector.

These Key Insights have been used as inputs in our broader analytical process for the compilation of the Generator Report Card.

David Leitch David Leitch has gained several decades of experience in investment banking research at major investment banks in Australia, with a specific focus on the electricity sector.  He has been a happy NEMreview user for many years.

More recently, after leaving the corporate life, David established ITK Services  with a particular focus on companies operating in the energy transition (and authors many articles for RenewEconomy) .

David’s own perspective was very valuable in the preparation of this Generator Report Card.

Tristan Edis Tristan Edis has previously provided other articles on WattClarity as a guest author.

We engaged Tristan as one of our team of external Analysts to work independently from us, using the data set of generation performance metrics we were collating at the time, to provide some of his own insights.

These insights have found their way into the Report Card.

Finally, we also greatly appreciated the advice and insights shared by our “eagle eye” Proof-Readers.

Matthew Warren The authors appreciate the input provided by Matthew Warren in reading through drafts of the Generator Report Card (particularly about the focus of the report, and timing of release).

Matthew’s prior experience (as CEO of Australian Energy Council, and Clean Energy Council before that – right back to his initial foray in energy as a journalist) helped him provide invaluable input.

For those who have not read enough, after finishing the report card, Matthew Warren’s book “Blackout” provides a longer (100-year) history of the electricity sector in Australia.

Don Sands Don Sands is an experienced power station engineer and qualified operator who has previously provided an article for WattClarity as a guest author.

For the past 20+ years, Don has operated Synengco as a company that specialises in helping operators of power stations (and similar plant) increase the efficiencies of their current operations and increase the reliability of their assets through optimizing their decision-making processes

The authors appreciated having an expert like Don provide an independent review of an earlier draft of the Generator Report Card.  Don’s feedback definitely helped improve the quality of the final Report.  Thanks!

Mark Carkeet Mark Carkeet is an experienced (and wise) energy-sector lawyer who’s a Brisbane-based partner for Minters Ellison (Minters).

The authors appreciated Mark’s perspectives of the content of the Generator Report Card, and ways in which we could improve the delivery.

The Authors are very grateful for the insights generated (and analytical load shared) by the Analysts – and by the independent perspectives shared by the Proof-Readers.  However any errors or omissions in the Generator Report Card at the time of its release are the responsibility of the Authors.

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