Compliance Status

Sometimes the terminology ‘Conformance Status’ is used (mistakenly) as if it means the same thing, but it does not.


(A)  ‘Conformance’ and ‘Compliance’ mean different things!

We like to think about it in the following terms:
1)  AEMO determines ‘Conformance Status’ as part of their process of balancing supply and demand; whereas
2)  AER focuses on ‘Compliance Status’ in terms of whether generators specifically follow Market Rules.

On 8th December 2020, Marcelle posted a short article and video answering the question ‘Conformance and Compliance – what’s the difference?’ that is very relevant here (though note that the video was specifically focused on Semi-Scheduled generators).


(B)  What does the AER mean by ‘Compliance Status’?

We think about ‘Compliance Status’ in terms of (more strictly) the AER assessing if a generator followed the Market Rules

We will expand this further, as time permits…