Focused stats for Semi-Scheduled units in the GSD2023

Both of the organisations who collaborate in the development of this series of Generator Statistical Digest (Global-Roam Pty Ltd, and Greenview Strategic Consulting) have a keen focus the generators in the market operating Semi-Scheduled assets.

As such, they are keenly aware of the additional challenges and opportunities in operating these types of assets … not just because of the inherent VRE fuel types, but also because of the nature of the classification.

Hence they have been pleased to invest additional resources (from the GSD2023 onwards) in the addition of a focused report on each individual Semi-Scheduled asset.

1)   This is one of the additions that necessitated increasing from 2 volumes (with the GSD2022 and beforehand) to 3 volumes …

2)  With the new Volume 1 including this addition, plus a statistical review of participation in each of 10 x FCAS markets, plus other things)

On this page we provide an overview of what’s newly added (from the GSD2023 onwards) with respect to Semi-Scheduled assets.


(A)  An overview of what’s provided (additionally) for Semi-Scheduled assets

Keep in mind that

  • Semi-Scheduled assets are also covered in both:
  • … and also the (newly added in the GSD2023) detailed focus on FCAS for those few Semi-Scheduled units registered in 2023 to provide one or more FCAS services.

So what’s provided with respect to Semi-Scheduled units in this (newly added in the GSD2023) section is additional:

Above is a view of what’s provided for Lake Bonney 1 Wind Farm (more recently commenced operating as Semi-Scheduled) and Lake Bonney 2 Wind Farm … two units in the Iberdrola portfolio.