Detailed review of Summer 2012-13 in the Queensland Region of the NEM

Summer 2012-13 was a particularly volatile period in the Queensland region of the NEM.

On WattClarity, we posted numerous articles to discuss the unfolding activity, including:

Questions rolled in, across the summer, so we engaged a market analyst on a short-term assignment to assist us in the preparation of a detailed, 3-part report. This report provided insights into a number of separate outcomes:

  • About the temperature/demand correlation
  • About changes to spot prices experienced
  • About transmission constraints
  • About available capacity; and
  • About generator bidding

At the completion of this analysis, we offered the 3-part report for sale. Given the significance of the report coming off the back of that summer, a number of clients paid us $5,000 for the insights contained therein.

Whilst summer 2012-13 is now some years ago, some of the insights contained within the report are still valid today – hence we continue to offer the report to those for whom it is of interest, but now at the reduced rate of only $500 exGST.

Here’s the order form, if you would like your own copy.