Dispatch Error

The AEMO operating procedures are clear that this calculation works in the following direction:

Dispatch Error = Target (for the Dispatch Interval) – Final MW (for the same dispatch Interval)

Hence as a raw number, the ‘Dispatch Error’ presents a view of the deviation of the unit’s output (for Scheduled and Semi-Scheduled plant) from what the AEMO expected it to be within NEMDE.  It should be obvious that ‘Dispatch Error’ cannot be calculated for Non-Scheduled plant.

In terms of the direction of the number:

Positive Dispatch Error indicates that Output was below the AEMO dispatch target (under-production); and
Hence, in this case, large positive Off-Target would be a possible Unit Trip.

Negative Dispatch Error indicates that Output was higher than the AEMO dispatch target (over-production).

We then take the Dispatch Error and factor in other considerations to calculate ‘Off-Target’ magnitude and, from this, infer ‘Conformance Status’.