Connection Point Dispatch (CPD) Price

The term ‘Connection Point Dispatch (CPD) Price’ is one that we coined through 2019 in the ongoing development of our ez2view software – and have since applied in the Generator Statistical Digest 2019.

(A)  What is the CPD Price?

This is unique to each generator and reflects both the physical dispatching price at the Regional Reference Node (which is different under Intervention) and an adjustment that is dependent on constraints bound and affecting dispatch of units.


Will add more explanation in here when we have time..



(B)  Where is it used in our products?

Over time, the CPD Price is likely to be used in a growing number of products:

(B1)  CPD Price in ez2view

The CPD Price was introduced into the ez2view software in 2019 in order to provide a more direct reference (for generators) to the price they need to beat in order to secure dispatch in the NEM.

(B2)  CPD Price in the GSD2019

In the ‘B’ Pages of the GSD2019 a monthly time-weighted average CPD price is tabulated for every unit so that (by comparison with the time-weighted average RRP in the region) the reader can gain a sense of the significance of Intervention and Congestion to that particular unit

(B3)  CPD Price in WattClarity articles

Where articles on WattClarity speak specifically about the CPD price (and we have remembered to tag as such!), you can find them linked here.